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11-18-2003, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Tom_Benjamin
There can't be more than a few elite teams. That's by definition. It is a zero sum game. For every winner, there must be a loser. For every elite team there must be a bottom feeder. The Discostu-NHL marketing system is to eliminate elite teams with a salary cap and then declare, "We haven't eliminated elite teams. We have just made more of them! Look! Everybody is elite!"
Try reading my post next time.

I have stated that I want to give more teams the opportunity to reach elite status. This means that any team in the NHL has the opportunity to reach the elite level. It does not mean there will be more elite teams in the NHL at any given time, it just means that every team has an equal opportunity to get to that elite status. This will make it harder for the richer teams to reach this point, compared to the current system, and it will be easier for the "poorer" team to reach that level, compare to the current system.

It doesn't mean that I cheapen the definition at all. The same amount of elite team will remain in the league at any given time, it's just that, under such a system, no team can leverage the economic advantage of their market (i.e. larger market to draw from) to field an advantage.

That's my ideal situation. I don't think it can be achieved fully, but I think a better system can be developed than what they currently have to get them closer to that point, and that there's a good chance they will achieve it under the CBA.

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