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04-01-2012, 06:09 AM
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Been a fan of the Wings since 1994/95, hence my name.

The 04/05 lockout did affect my viewership. I don't think I've gotten back to the NHL the same as before the lockout really. Although when the Wings made the Cup Final I was certainly very aware of what was going on.

The NFL has definitely taken over as the primary sport for me.

But this is coming from a guy who plays Tennis and Basketball quite extensively. So both football and hockey are viewer sports for me and the NBA is helping itself with the super teams and overt penalties.

To be honest as a viewer, it's NFL/Tennis and then everything else.

Another lockout would probably hinder my NHL fandom due in large part because I am simply getting older and have less time to sit down and watch games. The NFL gets my attention because it's largely a once a week viewership.

This is why MLB is dead last to me, I just don't care to watch that many games.

I don't know what's been going on with these concussion issues. I almost feel the NHL is being too cautious because I do not recall a time period similar to the past two seasons with so many players missing substantial time due to concussions. I still hate the 3 man shootout ( prefer 5 man ) and the way Bettman has handled the whole Phoenix issue.

Right now I'm lucky to catch one NHL game a week and it's usually a Wings game. Come playoff time I'll probably only care about the Wings until the Conference Finals.

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