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04-01-2012, 06:19 AM
All bets are off
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I've dealt with enough **** today, my gf grandma passing away and now i come home to see we not only lost (Not shocking to me) but they didn't even try.

I got only a few select choice words to say. Mind you i'm very stressed right now so if i say something stupid then i don't care.

Morrow is the worst captain in franchise history. He couldn't lead this team in a junior league, he either better be gone this offseason or the C better go to someone who gives a damn.

Ott, Souray, Burish and RobiDAH can also take a hike right now for the dumb unnecessary penalties they keep taking and bringing down team enthusiasm.

The whole coaching staff either had a lobotomy or they are just plain stupid. They clearly see Morrow is playing hurt and do nothing but give him outstanding TOI minutes over younger players. That goes for Ott as well.

Tonight's game along with the season is nothing but a repeat of the last, its like we all died and went to hell and this is our punishment.

Gaglardi i know this is now your team, please be smart and fix what needs to be fix in order to get this franchise back on top.

End Rant.

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