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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Exactly, they traded for it already developed....didn't have to wait 5 years.

Just like the Bruins won the cup with a goalie they never drafted.

If the Habs and their fans want a one yr re tool as opposed to a 3 year rebuild , you make the decision i stated above.
In your fantasy world, maybe. In the real world, no. Because (a) there's no reason for Columbus to take the deal (if they want a goalie rather than Yakupov, they can probably get better deals elsewhere, maybe Vancouver for Schnieder plus) and (b) as we've already discussed there's no reason to have too much confidence that you'll actually end up with a goalie anywhere near as good as Price anytime soon.

Your idea has a slim chance of a 'one year retool' if we really luck out and some other teams are completely asleep, a fairly high chance of just not working at all because teams like Columbus and Nashville don't want to do your deals and a decent chance of a nose dive into an Edmonton-style annual tank to get high end prospects that you then don't develop properly because you have no winning culture in your organisation and have to constantly rush them to their detriment because your team is so terrible.

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