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Originally Posted by 1978 View Post
Just because he hasn't done well in Timrå doesn't mean that he's incapable of producing points in other teams, and I assure you, Max definitely has talent. He might not have played all that well this season, but we can attribute that to the fact that he went from Division 1 to Elitserien, which is a big step. Especially if you are a young player, which Max is.

I'm honestly allergic to comparisons between players; because even if they are similar in many ways, they are also different in so many ways. Lander is definitely the better between these two; in fact, Lander is probably going to be better than Pääjärvi (In my opinion, at least).

My point is; Friberg has talent, but you have to account for several factors when it comes to the fact that he hasn't had a great season in Timrå this year. First, not to be rude, but Timrå has been absolutely terrible this year. All of the drama around the team, and 'Perra' being the completely wrong coach for the team surely didn't make the transition any easier. Secondly, like I've said repeatedly, the transition from Division 1 to Elitserien is a large one, and Max is only 19. You can't really expect him to go into a poor Elitserien team and be a dominating force. After the WJC last year the hype machine somehow raised the expectations on Max to incredible levels, but you always have to remember here that we are dealing with young kids. In the end, I hope Max didn't make a mistake by signing with Timrå instead of taking a year in HockeyAllsvenskan, which maybe would've been better for his development. In general, I feel that more young players ought to take a year or two in HockeyAllsvenskan, since they definitely benefit more from playing 10-15+ minutes in HockeyAllsvenskan, then being put in the 4th line in Elitserien. Rushing young and talented players only creates problems, because let's face it, very few young players are good enough to step into Elitserien and produce.

Ah, I think that's the end of my Friday rant.
Dont get me wrong, im on your side, i like Friberg etc. But i just dont think he is that good at the moment and dont deserve more icetime. But i hope and that he will get more the next season and that he shows that he deserves it.

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