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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
1- Montreal has been horrible at identifying which of their players were actually good in the first place. Several of the players Montreal traded away didn't become good elsewhere; they were already good in Montreal, except it was not immediately obvious due to circumstance. Given away to other teams and put into better circumstances (more icetime, better linemates, etc), they naturally blossomed in terms of counting stats such as total points, creating the illusion that they had improved. They hadn't, at least not much; they were just put into situations where the same ability resulted in higher totals.
That's actually a pretty good point and one that hasn't come up all that often, surprising considering the 15364 threads we've had on this topic over the year.

It seems like management has had a big problem with this, judging players like the fans judge them: on boxcars. They haven't been able to identify their best 5on5 players wich has lead to some pretty poor 5on5 squads over the years.

In hindsight (in light of the reactionnary moves they have made this year), even some moves that looked like clever ways to help the ES play of a roster that had always had ES as a weakness suddenly looks like not as much thoughts went into them than I thought originally did.

The signing of Cole, instead of any other guy (even a younger one) with similar boxcars, looked like they had managed to identify a very good ES player who could play tough minutes/two way hockey wich was exactly what we needed, the fact that he happened to be a big winger was a nice bonus. Getting not any prospect for Halak, but actually getting one who was one of the best ES player in the AHL as a 20 year old was also pretty clever. Sadly, looking at those kind of moves after what they've done this year, it looks like their thought process was more "get more big players!!!!!" than "get more good ES players".

What looks like a failure to understand the value of two-way play (or maybe it's just an inability to evaluate it) is also pretty baffling considering how good they are at scouting and drafting those kind of players.

So yeah, lots of those players where already good here, they were just misused.

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