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Originally Posted by Bacchus1 View Post
You missed my main point which is the impact on the players psychology. A lot of these players are very young and cannot deal very well with the manic swings of one day a deity, the next day worth a dirty jock-strap. This is a lot to expect of a young player, especially players who are already quite proud, and so buy in to the former, and are crushed by the later. The result is a poor attitude. Yes, Reibero did well in terms of points, and is still doing so, but his character is bad. It was made remarkably worse by fan and media attention. I don't remember if you saw him being interviewed in the months before he was traded, but you could tell that his attitude was all wrong for a team sport, and he seemed to think that he was larger than the team.
Who cares if playing in Mtl is tough? It's management's fault to prepare its prospects, and into the preparation should go the expectations of playing for MTL, and everything it entails.
I mean, would you go into a war zone thinking you're going to an all-inclusive resort?

Maybe the youngsters don't really know what they're in for, but that falls on management.
It doesn't matter if Ribeiro's attitude was bad. Why couldn't we fix it? And why is it good enough for Dallas? But even if it was simply too much for us, which can happen, the main issue with all of these ''problem players'' is that we NEVER got a good return.
If management doesn't know how to deal with these guys, then they should trade them at their highest value for a good return. But they never did that, always waited for them to hit rock bottom.

Originally Posted by Bacchus1 View Post
If we are looking at the team this year I think that we can all agree that we don't have the right horses. We traded Gill and Cammillari (sp?), we lost our captain, our best player was out for about 85% of the year, and is now kicking off the rust (we hope), and Gomez (who isn't worth his pay, but still helps the team out a lot in terms of puck control) has been gone for what, 50% of the season. We never replaced Hammer, and we have a ton of rookies on D. So, yeah. This is all about bringing up our youth. 1 thing I think would have helped this year out a lot: not trading McDonough for Gomez. Worse trade ever. I remember when I first heard about the trade I wonder, what did we get for accepting that contract. When it turned out we PAYED for him ... wow!

The management has obviously mismanaged many aspects, but not as many as some think, and this is the case with most NHL teams: some to a lot of mismanagement. The fans and media, to paraphrase Carey Price, should chill the bleep out!
We started the year with a lot of depth up front, with a lot of potential. We ruined that. Defensively, there was a problem, but still, we shouldn't be where we are today. PG decided to destroy the team though, to the point where Plekanec is playing with scrappers and has been used as a checking center.

Management has mismanaged a lot of things. People say this happens on other teams, and it's true, it can happen, but find me another team where this has happened as frequently as on the Habs. You won't find one. You won't find another team that struggles with so many ''trouble'' players, and trade them for crap.

Under the Houle era, we traded away superstars and stars for very little, and our draft was horrible.
Under the Gainey/PG era, we traded a lot of attitude players for much weaker return value, but our draft has been good.

Fans have every right to be upset with the management.

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