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04-01-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post

You're missing the point. Good GMs don't trade players at their absolute lowest value. Saying this is the best return he could have gotten is like saying Niniimaa was the best return Gainey could have gotten for Ribeiro. If the best you can get is a cap dump and a 2nd, you are better off waiting and hoping Cammalleri returns to form production wise.
This. People act like a GM has a gun to his head and has to make the deal right then and there. If you don't like the deal, then keep the player until you get a deal you like...or maybe that player gets his **** together and improves his play.

I hate the "Well, that's the best he could have done" as if there was no other option than trading a player for scraps. KEEP HIM then!

Howson didn't get a deal he liked for Nash so he decided to wait until the summer. Compare that to Gauthier who would have made the deal in March and would have gotten back ****.

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