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04-01-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
1) Bourque is making 3.5 million, get a grip. It's only a million or so above the league average, and he's an average player, so his contract is bad but hardly an albatross.

2) We got good value for Cammalleri.

Do you have any examples of Cammalleri-type players getting better deals for their former teams than we got? No, you don't.

3) Cammalleri's value could have dropped much further. Gauthier had a good offer and he took it, it's better than waiting until the deadline and risking losing everything if Cammalleri gets an injury.
1)You're right, it's not albatross. But if he keeps the 8pts in 35GP pace, it's still bad, and one can argue, worse than Cammy's. At least Cammy had prove to be a PO monster here. But yes, his contract is not in the Gomez range. That doesn't mean it's not bad.

2)No we didn't. Decent, mediocre, perhaps, not good. Gaustad fetched Buffalo a 1st round pick. You're talking about a bottom line player that has not been particularly good in the POs before.

3)If that's the best offer Gauthier could have for Cammy, then might as well keep him because you know he can give you some more, you know he's a big performer in the POs, and you also know the team has been playing way much better since that horrible start (12-7-5). So you stay patient, you still have good depth on the wings with Cammy-Gio-AK-MaxPac-Cole.

What I personally think is that Gauthier knew he was going to get rid of AK, and that's why he looked at Bourque. A similar type, with a similar cap, but signed for multiple years. I think he was going to try to find Cammy's replacement on the open market.

In any event, the only way this becomes a solid trade for us is if Holland becomes a beast and/or the 2nd round pick selection becomes a great player.

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