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11-18-2003, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole
Is this stupid or what? This shows you that when Gretz wants something, no one in hockey has the stones to say no. :p

Isn't this supposed to be a heritage game? Doesn't a player need to be away from the game for at least 1 year to consider him for this kind of game?

I know that this game is only for fun but the Messier inclusion is just ridiculous. Bettman should have just said, "No Wayne."

If not, why don't we get Theo in net, Chelios, Schneider, Desjardins, Malakhov, on D, and Leclair, Reechi, Cassels, Turgeon, Keane upfront. Fill in the blanks for other currently playing ex-Hab.

Why don't they also spot the Oilers 10 goals.

The worst part is that I will watch it anyways. I just hate the thought that these great Habs may be embarrassed by the Oilers. Have they so little tradition that they need to get current players to fill up their roster?

I'd tell you to stop crying, but you are well past a few tears... relax. It is a meaningless game, and should just be enjoyed.

Are you really that concerned about the out-come? Messier isn't playing for the Oilers so Gretzky can win... hell, to be brutally honest, the Oilers don't need Messier on this team to embarass the Canadiens alumni...

And that isn't a shot at the habs, but if you look at alot of that team, alot of the guys are either in their 50's, or who in their NHL careers were more of an allround player.... whereas most of the Oilers were offensive minded. And in what promises to be a very allstar like game (no defense), the Oilers players are better suited to it. That being said, I highly doubt either team would want to embarass the other, and you will probably see a game like 9-7 or something like that.

Just enjoy watching 2 teams who have had different, but ultimately successful pasts.

And as for the Oilers having no tradition... take your head out of your ass. They may only have 25 years in the NHL, but hockey has been in Alberta and Edmonton for a very long time.

God, is your team that bad you need to cry about an alumni game?

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