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Originally Posted by PublicEnemy View Post
4 exams for the semester? Does that include the final, or is it 4 exams + final?

I'm pretty jealous if it's the second case, as all of my classes have 3 exams max and then a final. Engineering has 2 freaking exams and a final.

No pressure in going in for engineering to take an exam that counts as 25% of your overall grade or anything. None at all.
4 for the semester including final that's weighted exactly the same; lecture is 75%, lab 25%. So you've got a little leeway to have a ****** day, but not very much. Of course, I'm in A&P II right now and it's 5 for the semester counting the final, which is nice. You can tank one exam (**** you, digestive system, that test was ******** ) and still make a perfectly respectable grade in the class.

Engineering classes are designed to crush your GPA and your spirit. My dad's an electrical engineer.

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