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04-01-2012, 03:06 PM
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Kings definitely do have the head-to-head points tiebreaker over Phoenix (3-1-2=8 points compared to 3-2-1=7 points), which is the reason they're still listed in first in the Pacific despite the point left on the ice last night, and the reason they still completely control their own destiny for the division title.

Win out, and the Pacific is theirs, no matter what any other team does. So, it's time (past time, really) to learn the lesson that when your skate is on the other team's neck, you don't lift it up to be cute, you bear down and end it, like they did against Edmonton Friday night.

With Dallas's loss last night, the projections for the points needed to make the playoffs actually fell by one as well, so 93 points makes the playoffs as the #8 seed... so going 1-2 would sneak them in the back door.

94 points is enough to tie for the Pacific division. At this moment, the Kings are tied with the Coyotes in ROW, but we can't count on that being the case if the Kings only manage 3 points in the final three games, so to reasonably expect to win the Pacific safely, they're looking at four points...

So a record of 2-1 wins the Pacific.

I won't lie -- I still have a little fear that this team can find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (like they did last night). But 1-1-1 or 2-1 in the final three aren't that much of a stretch. So, I describe myself as "still somewhat anxious, but hopeful" on this last stretch.

Unfortunately, I think it's still a toss-up about whether they make the second round at all -- at the end of the day, this whole season is just going to be about the team "learning how to win", for a later shot at the Cup.

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