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04-01-2012, 05:24 PM
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I post on the message boards on the stars site sometimes. I mentioned something about Morrows post game interview.

Attacks ensued and so did some lulz.

Quote from a poster

Dude... How did you determine that? Stop *****ing about postgame interviews... I watched shane doan give an interview when his team was losing and he said the same ****... Interviews dont matter for **** when evaluating whether someone cares... All the captains say the same ****... Impressing you with interviews is obviously not his top concern... And if it was then id be concerned...
Basically hate morrow for hockey reasons like bfds or jj do... Dont just hate him because he gives ****** interviews and you wannt feel like your smart cause you agree with jj and bfds... I know you wanna feel accepted but think for yourself... I think i would respect your opinion more if you made valid points...
Inserting morrow sucks or his interviews suck or his hair sucks etc every three posts is kinda annoying... I promise you half the people on this thread see that you posted dont read what you said and skip to the next one... Even if they agree with you
He wants to know what Morrow has done wrong since coming back and i posted exactly what hes done since he came back. He claims Morrow is good defensively.

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