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04-01-2012, 05:30 PM
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I quoted this so people can read it again.

Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post

It's too easy to pin responsibility on ONE player. But fans love to do it, they just love to.

Doughty needs to be better, Richards need to be better, hell...if you wanna play this 'We could already have an X next to our name' game...then Kopitar should have been better for a stretch of the year...likewise with Williams, and Brown..I am sure if those guys didn't have scoring droughts around December and January we would have a few extra wins... and what about Penner and Stoll? or Lewis? How about Loktionov when he was up here? Or Trent Hunter and Ethan Moreau? I think Clifford had an awful start to the season. Maybe if all of those guys each had scored 2 extra goals or even 1 at the right time maybe we are in already?

See how easy that is?

You can't just say...oh Richards has 70 points and we are already division winners. It's not that Simple. It has always been, and always WILL be called a team game for this reason. You can't hang an entire season around one player unless your name is the Washington Capitals, and that players name is Alex Ovechkin. And look how that always works for them? That team goes the way he does.

Richards receives a TON of hate around here
A) because he has a history of being a producer and he is struggling in his FIRST season here
B) He was traded for two players which a lot of you had butt love man crushes for apparently.

I really hope this **** stops after this season because it becomes unbearable to come in PGTs on a loss and have everyone hang the loss on one player, or one certain play. Like the overtime save by Backstrom. Can't that just be a remarkable save by Backstrom and we move on? Oh no, because it was Richards we lost the game because of him.

If that is Kopi he makes that save on everyone likely says "What a save, man Kopis had a great game." and we move on. But because it was Mike Richards and he has been under the microscope from game one by a majority of this boards we have to hear this ridiculous ****.

It's a team game. You lose as a team. You win as a team. Every player at one point or another during this season SHOULD HAVE PLAYED BETTER. I bet even they will tell you that. THAT is why we don't have an X next to our name already. Not JUST because of Doughty, not because of Richards.
* This team really needed offensive help, but unfortunately took too long to rectify.
(I always wanted to use that word in a sentence!)

* It really hurt our top 2 lines that Gagne got hurt. Not just the scoring, but as we see with Carter being in the lineup, that having top 2 lines that can score is instrumental.

* No one on this Godforsaken team except JONATHAN QUICK rose to the challenge, to take the bull by it's horns... until we made that trade and called out a few of our leaders on this team while we were at it.

This season has surely been an enigma.

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