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Originally Posted by TrueBlue86 View Post
i hope the velcro tab on the rbk socks can reach the velcro of my rbk shorts, since i'm 6'7

it says the rbk socks are 30'' so it should

what if they go too high, what do most of you do? do you fold them a little and stick them on with the velcro or do you just stick the portion of the sock below the velcro like tikkanen described?

i know that the rbk socks only have the velcro on the front so i hope that holds, if not i guess i'll have to stitch some velcro on the back too
I found the rbk retail large already quite long, and I belive the pro ones are even longer

regardless... the people I know who use em with jock shorts, use the velcro and it seems to hold just fine

for me my 3 in one is perfect and is not wearing any holes into the sock

also, I like the socks being longer and use tape as anyone would to secure the shinpad

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