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04-01-2012, 08:07 PM
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First time poster.. Just some of my thoughts:

-The crosscheck to Crosby was cheap, but nothing completely unexpected in a rivalry game. I don't think there was any embellishment there either. There was no call on it, and I am not too worked up about that. I also agree that Geno was tossing out some cheap chippy hits after the whistle too all game.

-The Vitale hit was clean, and the argument that the game was already decided is a weak argument. Vitale is a physical player trying to keep his spot on the team. Briere shouldn't be skating through neutral ice with a minute left and think that he has a free pass just because they are up by 3 goals. He's been around long enough that he should know this.

-Someone also made the comment way back in the beginning of the thread that "Vitale hasn't thrown a check all year." You sir, obviously has not watched a Pens game then. He throws out monster hits constantly.

-Fleury is scaring me going into the playoffs like this. Hoping that he bounces back. When he is on his game, he can be the best goalie in the league.

-I was hoping Laviolette and Grenato went at it. That would have been some serious entertainment there.

-I still hate Pierre Maguire.

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