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04-01-2012, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Zen Arcade View Post
Vitale dropped Briere with a textbook open ice hit, the Flyers responded, and I have no problem with either of those two things.

I have an issue with the temper tantrum Lavy threw. The Pens 4th line hadn't played much in the third because they were giving extra shifts to their scorers trying to get back in the game. Once the game was out of reach, why keep throwing Crosby and co out there? Give your 4th line some time. This garbage about it being too late to throw a hit is pathetic, what happened to you guys? It's hockey, you play to the whistle. There's no gentleman's agreement not to hit a guy clean if you have a chance, regardless of the score. Guys like Vitale who go at it like it's triple OT in game 7 no matter what time is left or what the score is are part of why I fell in love with the sport when I was a kid. I'm only 28, I'm not that old, but HF makes me feel like I'm 60 sometimes.

So the Flyers choose to respond to the big hit, but they have a mismatch on the ice and get hammered, oh well. That was their decision. Bylsma had the last change, but no one held a gun to the Flyers' heads and told them to react the way they dd. I'm not sure what line they want Bylsma to put out at that point in the game where the chances of tying are basically zero.

I'm cool with what the Flyers did in terms of their response, but don't throw a hissyfit because your guys came out worse for wear.
I agree to an extent, but who doesn't want to see their coach stand up for their team like that? It's funny/unfortunate we came out worse for the wear, because that was POSSIBLY our toughest line with Simmonds, Schenn, and Bourdon out there (maybe Kubina?). For that reason, I still don't understand the "flyers are tougher than the Pens" comments

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