Thread: Post-Game Talk: #79 Bruins @ Rangers
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04-01-2012, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by mahonistan View Post
No. I criticize you for being a ******. There are better ways to criticize players than by being an ass about it. Obviously, you don't have fun watching hockey because every game you throw a rage in these threads about how someone or something sucked. I tend to laugh at it because quite frankly, it's just you being you as per usual on the website. I enjoy watching the games, and I can appreciate a good hockey game. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you let in a softie. But in order for your almost nightly claim of "Lundqvist sucks" to have any merit, maybe you should reflect on the Dunham or injured Richter years. That was bad goaltending. Henrik has a below 2.0 GAA, A great save percentage, blah blah blah. So you let in a softie. It's unnecessary to go on a nightly tirade about how someone has a "bad game". Because with you, it's every game and then it's every day until the next game. You should appreciate the game more instead of trying to find every aspect to hate.
I never said Lundqvist sucks. I said he's sucked since March and now in the first game of April.

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