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Originally Posted by NickyFotiu View Post
Cup win or no cup win this teams talent is no way near 1993-1994 or the early 1970's. That is not a knock on this team. Its because the salary cap era has made it very hard to stock pile loads of experienced high priced players. In the 1970's you could have a team with 120 points and a team with 40 points. Those kind of point spreads dont happen in the salary cap era. Now even the horrible teams are around 65-70 points.

Nowadays a team doesnt have to be great to win a cup. You will rarely see a team win 2 in a row never mind 4-5 in a row. This team has great talent for todays NHL but it is not same level of talent as the 2 teams I mentioned. I dont think a team like the 1970's Habs with 8 hall of famers is possible in the salary cap era.
Excellent points here. You will never see teams like the Habs(60's, early 70's, 76-79), the Islanders(80-83) and the Oilers(80-90,5 cups) ever again. The hard cap sux, they should get rid of it!

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