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Originally Posted by blue425 View Post
This is from the "Mike Green, what happened" thread. Not my post.
It's a perfect example when you draft entirely for skill and nothing for character, which is just as flawed as doing the same thing in reverse. You need to balance out your team with great people as well as great talents. Too many Capitals players play for the name on the back and when they run into trouble, they have nobody to dig deep and get them out. They break incredibly easy as a team. They've done some great work on the bottom line signing some really quality hockey people, but when your stars are all self-obsessed stat mongers you're not going to win forever.

I have never seen a team systematically quit on themselves the way this Capitals team has. Literally nobody on that team takes responsibility for where they are right now. They need to start moving these guys out to teams where they'll get a dose of reality and get set straight. I think that's why picking up a guy like Fedorov when they did was so very crucial because there wasn't a guy in that room that didn't respect him and play up to his level of compete, which was insanely high towards the end of his career.

Basically, Mike Green is a punk that has nobody on the team to tell him to focus more on his training than living it up. There is no accountability because unfortunately, their captain hasn't embraced the concept of being a hockey player 12 months of the year either. No other captain in the league would put up with the pathetic efforts of Green and Semin on most nights but Ovechkin can't implicate them without indirectly implicating himself so nothing is done. Coaches fall on their sword for this team.

Caps for all the reasons above.
Wow! What an incredible indictment of the team and it's players.
Kind of makes a lot of sense to me.

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