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Originally Posted by JeremyNYR View Post
I'm a Rangers fan that grew up in Rockland and have lived in Buffalo for the past 10 years. I'm curious to know, how did you become a Sabres fan if you grew up in Rockland and are living in NY now?
My father was born in Buffalo, and was raised there as well - went to Nichols, and then came back after college to do law school at UB. My grandmother lives in Williamsville down by MF Suburban off Maple now.

Everyone follows their father, and wants to be like them and root for who they root for, right? I certainly did (do), and despite the misery that comes with the label, I couldn't be prouder to be a Buffalo sports fan - especially because of him being the reason why. I know nothing other than what my father knew - Sabres hockey. He was, and still is, a pretty freaky diehard (Muh can attest to DB's Buffalo passion). He would sit me next to him and certainly wouldn't censor himself during games. It was so fun as a younger kid. Because of the joy he showed when we scored or when we won, I thought being a Sabres fan was cool and "the norm"..... So I have been a Sabres fan for as long as I've been watching hockey, which is forever.

My grandmother used to send us a monthly package with VHS recordings of the Sabres games that month. There was no NHL Center Ice yet, obviously, so we had to find absurdly obscure areas to try to catch pick it up on radio; hope they played the Devs, Isles, or Rangers; were on ESPN2/NHL 2Nite; or wait for the videos.

Make no mistake - because I was able to, I watched so so many Rangers games over the duration of my childhood. For whatever reason, never watched the islanders as much as the devils or rangers. The Canucks series in 94 is in my top three favorite series' of all time.

Originally Posted by JeremyNYR View Post
Anyone can say what they want about Buffalo being a small city without much luck, but they have an amazing number of hometown fans and they're hardcore.
They are indeed pretty intense up there, but as for the raging debate that exists internally as to where or not it's a Sabres city, I think things like the "day we signed Mario Williams" and the insanity that overtook the radio that day indicate that it is a football town.
Originally Posted by Muh View Post
Somebody get this guy a Lundqvist jersey.
I didn't win brackets because of ****ing AAron Craft. Your pools suck and you are the worst at letting me place in the money in any of them. Any sport.

Side note: guaranteed 837487346 people would think the playoff pool we created for postseason hockey is ****ing sick and would want in. Think we should put up a thread somewhere, but mandate that if anyone wants in, a roster would have to be mailed to you with buy-in? And do you remember the two rule tweaks we wanted to instill this year?

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