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04-02-2012, 09:13 AM
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
DaveG's tale of woe
I think you've got me beat, Dave. At no time was I under any sort of legal suspicion due to Louis' idiocy - the worst I had was an angry political science professor wanting to know why dude never showed up to class.

Originally Posted by Shutdown Sutter View Post
These stories just make me so excited for college.
As others have reassured you, it isn't so bad. I made some awesome friends in college and my roommate from freshman year was a genuinely cool dude I keep in touch with (even if he is a Bruins fan). Indirectly the issue with Louis was one of my own making since I chose not to go to the Honors Sophomore housing in favor of going to the Residential College.I wouldn't trade the three years I lived there for anything, though, even with Louis as a partial burden (the very sympathetic assistant principal granted my request for a room change around February of that year when an old friend from high school moved into the building). The friends I made (as well as the stories I can tell that involve crab-infested couches, auto-fellating Mormons, bisexual bulimic skanks, crazy twins, etc.) make up for Louis.

On top of that, all my roommates I had in State while I was in grad school were decent guys and I'm still friends with the three I lived with the longest period of time. Except for that one guy (a roommate who once left his dishes in the sink over winter break and returned to find they'd grown fur and, possibly, intelligence.

Besides that it seems schools are doing mini-personality tests almost now to help ensure roommates are compatible with each other and a good RA or RHD will iron out a roommate issue in no time.

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