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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Didn't he have 15 points in his 1st 15? That's what people said was unsustainable.

.65 ppg for a 1st/2nd cetner is really the bare minimum you'd expect from someone getting 18 minutes a games and substantial powerplay time.

Everyone talks about his "intangibles" so when a play like that happens that costs us the game because he's being lazy he deserves to be called out-- more so, I hope his coaches and teammates let him hear it.

Legwand has played decent this season, but stil his EFFORT is inconsistent and his play in the offensive zone generic 98% of the time.

I look forward to the day we can upgrade him and a get a real scoringline center who EXCELS in the offensive zone.
Look up the words consistent and production. You're talking about two different things. No one is saying he shouldn't produce more. Most of us have wanted that for years. It's not going to happen so get over it already. As far as the consistency issue, TMI was doing a breakdown of his scoring over 20 game sections and showed his scoring did not drop or soar dramatically over the course of the season, hence the term, consistency. He is what he is. He produces consistent offensive numbers over the course of a season. He does not produce 1st line center numbers, never has, never will.

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