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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I love that this team is close but not cliquey, and are either maturing together or are mentoring those maturing... I love how they having fun and their not being condescending with the Media nor the fans... I love that Danny and Kimo can tactfully help a player fit into the team and City and that player will playfully adhere to that advice without feeling insulted... I love how they have faith in each other and cheer on their teammates and honestly feel for them when in slumps... I love how they are able to move up and down the lines and D-pairings without ego and do not seem to want to advance due to teammates poor play, but rather want to see a rival for their spot do well... I love how they welcome players stepping up from the Phantoms without fear that they will take their jobs and then comfort them when they are sent down... I love how Homer corrected their weaknesses without tearing up the team at the Trade DeadLine and had faith in the players they had... I love the depth they have in the Organization and that they can patch holes caused by injuries with call-ups... I love how they can lose Core players and step up and not lose a beat... I love how they they can shrug off a humiliating loss and bounce back... and I really love that they are NEVER, EVER, out of any game, no matter the score and time left.

Yes... I do love this team.

That said; I have loved the Flyers since 1967... although the reasons may have changed from year to year and sometimes that love was due to the Flying 'P' on their sweaters.
Great post! I would add... I love that we've got two solid goalies heading into the playoffs, and depth on D and three scorign lines... and I love how the coach pushes the right buttons almost all the time... and I love how we can put 7 rookies on the ice and beat the best teams in the league.

The future is very bright and the present is a lot of fun to watch...

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