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04-02-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by knuck View Post
It's not him you're offending, it's all the fans of southern teams.

And it's not yourself you're embarrassing, it's the whole Habs board

edit: I also voted for Vancouver
But that's the reality. There are some fans down but they are rare. I should have said "most of the fans".

Anyway. This was most directed to Bettman. I still have a hard time accpepting the fact that they moved canadian teams in the south as soon as our dollar was weak but they are trying to make a miracle with these same teams to keep them where they are even if ALMOST no one has interest in hockey.

I really should have written "most" because it is not normal to have less than 10,000 viewers per game. Or to have a Stanley Cup parade in a Shopping Mail parking with 10,000 attending (Ducks).

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