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04-02-2012, 12:01 PM
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Ok I just went back through posts made since Saturday night, and tried to remove anything that looked like a personal shot or a violation of the rules otherwise.

I'm tired of telling people this, so this is the last warning. Personal comments of a negative nature will not longer be tolerated at all. Warnings have not worked, so from now on the tools we will be using to attempt to correct what seems to be a habitual problem for a handful of posters will be thread bans, infractions, and, if those don't work, forum bans. I'm sick of it. I'm sure Seth and Mike are sick of it, too.

We are all Predators fans here, are we not? Do we not all get the same thrills out of watching this team win, and do we not all feel let down when they lose? Do we not all hope that this team can bring the Cup to Nashville? Do we not all spend our money, sometimes stupidly in my case, on Predators gear, and don't we all wear that gear with our heads up? What is the problem? Most of us are adults around here, and those who are not are at least old enough to know how to communicate like an adult.

Respect. If no other word enters your mind as you talk to your fellow Preds fans then "respect" should.

No more warnings. Anyone who doesn't believe me can feel free to test it. I guarantee you will not be pleased by my response to that test. Honestly, I'm beyond caring if I hurt someone's feelings. I'm tired of being nice.

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