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04-02-2012, 01:15 PM
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this pens team is the hypocritical boy who cried wolf.

Remember last season when Cooke single-handedly ended careers or long stretches for players? But, somehow Mario and company managed to whine and whine and whine about the Islanders playing that rough game.

How many times has Bylsma complained about us this year? I read what he said the other night about the cheap shot from Schenn to Crosby. Rewind and see the Crosby crosschecked Schenn first.

Then the game is out of hand for them and they send their goons out against one of our decent (not best) lines.

Best part is, how Pens fans are crying about it.

Karma sucks. Perhaps their precious Sidney wouldn't be concussed all the time if they didn't do what they do on the ice all the time.

Malkin punching Couts in the face yesterday, etc.

You want to call us cheap and dirty - I say we live up to it next time. I continually grow more and more annoyed with everything about the Pens. Their announcers complain about everything, Mario is a hypocrit and Bylsma sits around and points fingers year after year even when someone like Cooke is on his roster.

It's just enough.

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