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11-18-2003, 10:09 AM
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I disagree with your assessment of Exelby. While he doesn't have a huge offensive upside, he is playing a physical, defensively sound style and making very few errors despite being a rookie.

Exelby is the guy that most of us Thrasher fans know will punish anyone who takes liberties with his teammates. You run our goalie, he'll beat you down. You take liberties with Kovalchuk, he'll catch you with your head down and deliver a hit you won't forget and maybe not even be able to remember. He is that element of physical intimidation that every team in this league needs and wants. Now that we have it I don't see any reason to move him unless the return warrants it.

He is still developing, he is still only 22 and a rookie. #4 upside? I'm thinking this guy is our #2 of the future. He'll log big minutes and match up against the other teams best players. He may never develop into Scott Stevens as far as offensive numbers go, but I think he could become just as good defensively.

I like Todd White too. I think he is really underrated, but I don't think he is worth Exelby at this point. The only reason I say this is due to the age difference. A 28 year old center will not grab the best defensive prospect we have on our team(note, Coburn is still in juniors so he doesn't count here). Exelby is a core component of our future and his price tag is higher because of what he could become and the fact that he is a fan favorite. We have no motivation to move him, we're not hurting that bad.

If you want Safronov/DiPenta/Foster/Ustrnul or any of our other defensive prospects playing in the AHL then fine, they are all on the table. But X isn't. Not unless the other team is overpaying.

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