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04-02-2012, 01:42 PM
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Will experience be our downfall?

I know this team made the playoffs last season, but losing in the first round isn't really playoff experience. This team also has vets that have made the playoffs and had success, but other teams have had a similar type of roster in recent memory and lost too. My big question is will the Rangers lose in the playoffs because they lack the big post-season game experience as a team?

Boston before last season was known as a bunch of playoff chokers, but they had to have those bad experiences to learn how to win in the playoffs. The Hawks and Pens lost in the SCF and WCF before winning the cup the season after. Carolina got experience in season's before the lockout and won the cup after, same with Anaheim before the lockout. Philly had the same thing before they lost in the finals to Chicago. Vancouver lost a lot of 2nd and WCF before making the finals last season. History is on the side of failure before success in the playoffs.

I really do think this team needs to have some success and failure before they get to where they need to be playing to win a cup. Does that mean they can't turn it up another gear in the playoffs and win the whole thing? No. Does that mean another first round exit? No, but I think we need more experience for the guys on the roster before we're going to make a legit run. I hope we can make it happen, but realistically I think this team will fall short based on experience.

I just hope people can understand that if they don't win it all or make the finals, being the number one seed most likely, that the season will not be a failure. Sure there will be initial disappointment in losing, but this season will be a success with at least a tough 2nd round exit or ECF exit. I know a lot of people had those expectations a short while ago, but with locking up the top seed for the most part, I just hope people don't go overboard on expectations.

What are everyone elses opinions on experience needed for this team before they win it all?

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