Thread: Injury Report: Carter Day to Day - Ankle
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04-02-2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by tantrum4 View Post
I don't care what Kypreos said, there is no possible way on earth that he could know how long Carter was going to be out before 1) he even saw a doctor on Sunday in LA 2) an actual MRI was done today. He was basically just making a statement that it will be tougher for us to make the playoffs if Carter was out for the season. He didn't actually know anything.
Thing is if he's getting the MRI today it could be a couple of different things. It could be a case of just being unable to get him in for the MRI until today. It could also be a matter of this MRI just being a precaution to ensure there's no hidden damage to the ankle that they aren't seeing on the exams and he's ready to go. Other side of that coin is there was so much swelling they couldn't do the MRI until today and the injury is worse than every one is leading on...Could be any of those things but with Kypreos being as vague as he is it comes down to he's just speculating and knows nothing for certain.

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