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11-18-2003, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by guzmaniac
I miss the days when Lappy would just paste everthing that moved to the wall. That got the other guys attention. Now that line wants to get all skilled and be the slicky boys. That will not pass muster. There is no argument, in my mind, that that attitude moves away from the physical presence we need. Penalties should be taken, and taken in the context of the way the game is played. We need some good old fashioned elbows, roughs and charges, not instigators, misconducts and waterski hooks.
Exactly! And, I truly feel that has a lot to do with AM. I don't know if anyone remembers, but Belanger was on of our top hitters, 2/3 years ago......haven't seen it in a real long time. Our mentality is just plain scary. I was watching the Buffalo/Ottawa game last night and you should have heard the announcers. They were asking for a dirty hit, an elbow, a fight, anything to spark some kind of emotion. Our game right now is just plain dull. I almost fell asleep at the St. Louis game!

"Kingsjohn"........don't really buy into that enforcer gets penalties, because that's an excuse that our coaching staff and announcers have instilled in our brain. It's not true, especially since Brennan has only played 4 games. They crucified Avery after the first game, and why? That's the way he's supposed to play. He's gonna' get penalties it's inevitable. But he'll draw even more, ***** Granato use to take a boat load of penalties as did Lacroix and many others. Nobody wants to get penalties but it's part of the game, and i'd rather take a roughing penalty than a *****ing lame ass hook or hold, it's pathetic to watch. Unfortunately hockey is my drug, and the Kings' are part of it!

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