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04-02-2012, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post

If he got hurt at practice LAST week or even saturday before gameday...and they let him play and/or sit on the bench

Then everyone currently in the organization needs to be fired

Dr. Mulder can confirm this all he wants...I don't buy it.
The medical staff has had a tough year. It really needs to be evaluated.

The Markov situation - no need to elaborate. They d!cked around for weeks in September/October before sending him to see Dr Andrews. Then they let him practice with contact, when he had debries in his knee.

The Moen return to play 2 basically meaningless games - a major fiasco that probably cost us a 2nd round pick.

The Diaz fiasco, it seemed like he would skate 1 day with the team, then take the next one off in early March. Happened for 2 straight weeks instead of just letting him rest. Now it seems like his season is over.

Don't laugh, but Gomez tried to rush back in December and it cost him several weeks too.

Just a mess of a season throughout the organization.

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