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04-02-2012, 03:16 PM
Kel Varnsen
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The aliens idea is going to stop being funny after a while. We're frontrunners to be playing into June. Also, I know I won't be in the mood for humor during the playoffs anyway. I'd rather something we can take pride in long term, like #therightway.

And there's so much room to do things with it. A lot of the aliens examples even work for it. Going back to the previous page: Lundqvist's hair, #therightway. Gaborik pots 40, #therightway. Sather gets McD as a throw-in for Gomez, #therightway (I'd like this panel with a pic of Sather). Rangers can only score 2 goals a game and get 50 wins, #therightway. Brad Richards goes from 4c to 1c, #therightway. Winning without Avery, #therightway. You get the picture by now.

Yeah, it's not as funny right now. But this is the playoffs, it's not a joke. And memes get old and overused quick. #therightway would be something we can be proud of through June.

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