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04-02-2012, 03:50 PM
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Did my 8 team AL Only Draft last weekend. Currently blind bidding on reserves which will be awarded tomorrow. As for my team, I gambled a bit at the end which I'm having some regrets over. Rather than take a guaranteed player, I went for upside. Anyways, here's my breakdown:

C: Carlos Santana ($18) - Kept him from last season. More than I'd normally like to pay for catcher, but having one who can hit is a big premium especially since we have two catcher spots.

C: Ryan Doumit ($2) - Sleeper pick as he has shown he can hit reasonably well, but has had injury problems. Slated to play OF for the Twins and spell Mauer on occasion. Our league has an extra rule where a player has to play 20% at a position to maintain eligibility, so I may end up scrambling for another catcher in a couple months.

1B: Eric Hosmer ($13) - Kept him from last season. Hoping for a big year *fingers crossed*

2B: Ian Kinsler ($27) - Kept him, although didn't save much money in doing so. Potential 30-30 + 100 runs was too enticing for me.

SS: Yunel Escobar ($8) - Oddly enough, this was one I kinda regretted. It was towards the end of the draft and I knew I was one pitcher from feeling set. Brandon Morrow was still out there, but I was missing SS+MI spots.

3B: Miguel Cabrera ($39) - Absolutely had no designs on getting him. He was the first player nominated for bid and my main rival was the only person bidding. Everybody must have been scared off from the ground ball to the face. So rather than let the other guy have him for $31, I kept bidding him up while knowing he paid in the 40s for him last year. Again, he's potentially in danger of losing 3B eligibility by the end of the season.

CI: Kevin Youkilis ($22) - This is the fun of the auction. Plan was to spend heavily on one of the big 1B (Pujols/Gonzalez/Fielder) but I had splurged on Cabrera. So I had to go for the 2nd tier here. Felt that I needed a backup 3B if Cabrera struggles defensively, so I ended up with Youkilis. Didn't realize he already turned 33 though. Money may have been better spent towards a Josh Hamilton in retrospect.

MI: Manny Machado ($1) - Couldn't help but go for the upside pick. Sean Rodriguez was the only okay-ish MI left and we're currently bidding on him. Figured I could stash Machado for the year and see if he gets fast tracked into the majors for 2013. I can also use him as trade bait later in the season.

OF: Carl Crawford ($16) - Wasn't aware that he was DL-bound at the time. $16 seemed worth the gamble, but I'm not loving Crawford batting 6th.

OF: Desmond Jennings ($8) - Kept him from last year, hopefully will produce what Crawford used to.

OF: Alex Rios ($8) - Rios fell through to the end of the draft. He was the only OF with theoretical 20-20 upside. I had about $10 earmarked for him, but was trading bids with a guy with $35 left. Didn't expect to get him, but to my surprise the other guy dropped out. He ended up taking Nolan Reimold for $1 and left ~$25 on the table.

OF: Dayan Viciedo ($4) - One of my last picks, theoretical power OF but struggled in the spring.

OF: Travis Snider ($1) - If I were smarter, I would have just taken David Murphy. But I couldn't help but jump on the Travis Snider rollercoaster for a third straight year.

DH: David Ortiz ($15) - Kinda regretted this one. In our league, the DH has to be a DH and not just any hitter. I wanted Ortiz or Kendrys Morales and Ortiz came up first for bid. I didn't want to chance losing out on both, so I bid hard for Ortiz. Morales came up a few bids later and sold for $9.

UT: Leonys Martin ($1) - Won't help much for 2012, but trade bait/keeper potential for later.

SP: C.C. Sabathia ($28) - Anticipated having to get into the 30s for him, so I was happy to save a few bucks.

SP: Jeremy Hellickson ($14) - Hoping his K rate goes up a bit from last year.

SP: Ervin Santana ($11) - Went for a couple bucks cheaper than anticipated. People were maybe scared off by him only having 13 wins last year (ie, wins fluctuate).

SP: Henderson Alvarez ($1) - This bid kinda backfired at the time. I wanted Morrow, but nominated Alvarez hoping that the resident Jays fan would bid me to $2 and fill his remaining SP spot. But it's tough to have a $1 player backfire.

RP: Jordan Walden ($8) - Kept him from last year.

RP: Grant Balfour ($8) - Was targeting Matt Thornton, but he went for $10. Settled for Balfour soon after. Pretty certain that the A's will trade Balfour at some point.

RP: Addison Reed ($5) - Got Thornton's handcuff instead. Had some buyer's remorse at the time, but feeling better about it a week later as he's still got a chance to close.

P: Jarrod Parker ($1) - Didn't realize he had been sent to AAA. I should have just taken Matt Harrison for $1, but now we're all bidding on him and he's probably going to go for $10+ in the reserve draft.

I got Craig Gentry for $1 today while most of the other bids end tomorrow. Aiming to add David Murphy and Chris Parmelee to replace Snider/Martin. Ditto Sean Rodriguez for the MI spot.

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