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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
This post wasn't meant to be negative, but to be more of a realistic opinion of the team. I'm sure all the fans of the other teams that lost when they first "made it" as a team were in the same mindset we are, that the Cup is there for the taking. You have to put things into perspective. All those teams failed initially at winning the Cup. I don't want to see people getting enraged if this team misses the ECF or SCF this season. There are signs the team is legit, and if we look at how we wanted our season to end and how it is ended our expectations should still be the same: We can compete with the best this season, but the talent coming up in the next couple of seasons will put us in a better spot than we are currently in. Enjoy the season but don't get caught up in the Cup being the only positive of the postseason.

You should never assume that talent or what not will be better in upcoming seasons. For starters you dont know that for certain and secondly young talent on other teams can put them in better spots and move us down. Were in 1st by a good margin, this season is as good as any to expect to make a run. If we can be good and continue to find great young players great but we cant rely on that, all we can do is try do it this year. For all you know we get cold and miss the playoffs next year. See the problem with your logic.

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