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Playoff Avatar Voting Thread! (Examples in post #1)

Poll Added!

Option #1:

Ancient Aliens - Credit to DoTheBlue for the idea, and some design ideas.

Here is what Aliens will look like at just under 50k (Donators/Subscribers/Mods/Partners Only):

Here is what Aliens will look like at just under 20k (Everyone else):

(No animated spaceship, wouldn't fit.)

Option #2:

#therightway - Credit to turcotte8 for suggesting this Twitter based theme.

Here is what #therightway will look like at just under 50k (Donators/Subscribers/Mods/Partners Only):

Here is what #theirghtway will look like at just under 20k (Everyone else):

Option #3:

Soft Team

Option #4:

Broadway Hat

DoTheBlue has created this theme for the Broadway hat. If you want to change your vote, please reply with your original vote, and the new vote. I will keep tally in the first post.

Option #5:

Lucky Team (Thanks to KingWantsCup.)

Credit to KingWantsCup.

Option #6:

Bad Team (Again)


KingWantsCup decided to put his hat in the ring. If anyone would like to vote on his design, or possibly use it, you can give him requests AFTER VOTING HAS PROCEEDED TO END. If you want to vote for his, just say in a reply you want to vote for it.

Lower quality:

Higher quality:

Mayan 2012: (Thanks to Cynical Tyrant for the inspiration.)



Qvistians: (Thanks to BlueshirtBlitz and Bipolar.)

Another Qvistian by KingWantsCup:

Originally Posted by KingWantsCup View Post
Here's another Qvistian themed avatar. Fits at 18kb.

So there are your examples, I'm sorry I didn't get any other themes done, but these seemed to be the most popular. The others are still in the poll if you want to vote for them.

Additional votes from new users or infracted posters who can use avatars soon:

RangerBlue24 - #therightway
KelVarnsen - #therightway

HenriksBroadwayHat - Aliens

PLEASE HOLD OFF REQUESTS UNTIL VOTING IS COMPLETE! The poll will run until later in the week.

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