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Originally Posted by Go Habs Go View Post
I don't know why people are looking for A particular reason for the fail season. You can blame it all on Gauthier or losing Muller...etc. Its a combination of several things. If it were just one thing, it would've been an easy fix.

Not having Markov is never good for our Habs. We've seen for years what he means to this team.

Losing guys like Gomez and Gionta to injury. Not to mention the horrendous play of Gomez. I never liked the Gomez trade but I never expected that he plays worst then Pyatt.. Not to mention injuries by other players, we were 1st in the league for man game losses.

Horrendous year for key players like Cammalleri who ended up getting traded for future pieces.

Unable to replace Markov on the powerplay. They hoped that Kaberle could do it but we have learnt this year that he is no Markov. Actually I don't really think you can replace Markov at all unless someone is willing to give up their Prongers, Vishnovskys and Letangs.

Letting Wisniewski and Harmlik go and didn't replace them at the start of the season. They placed too much money on Markov returning at the start of the season. They should've been more careful with Markov but I don't fault them for not resigning Wiz or Hammer. Wiz was asking for way too much money while Hamrlik wanted long term. Now I agree that we should've replaced them but I agree with not resigning them. I miss Hamrlik but he hasn't been very good this year. His age is really showing.

Almost a revamp of the whole coaching staff. For the last couple of years, Martin hid the lack of talent on this team with a very conservative defensive system and leaned on great goaltending by Price and Halak.

The sudden change in team philosophy half way through the year. All of a sudden the Habs wanted to dump the smurfs and brought in guys like Bourque (and Cole at the beginning of the season). The style of the Habs completely changed almost overnight. All of a sudden Gauthier started to talk about crashing the net and how most goals scored in the league these days are garbage goals so we need more guys like Cole...etc.

Quite frankly, the moment the Habs let Martin go and hired an Anglo coach then announce that he won't be replaced until the end of the year...they always intended to tank. The english coach is the perfect scapegoat. Even the english fans are not going to support him. Its Randy freakin Cunneyworth. It was not a Habs-like move. They always want to secure a playoffs spot no matter what but yet it seems like they gave up half way through the season. Though I don't think the Habs expected that nobody really blamed Cunneyworth and all the blame fell on Gauthier.
This is a very reasonable assessment of the year. The part that hasn't been stressed enough is the shift in philosophy - as you said - from small and fast to size and toughness. Sure, we needed to get bigger, but suddenly we were obsessing over size like it was this singular magical ingredient. Never mind the lack of talent and experience -- as long as we kept getting big guys! In the end, adding Staubitz and Bourque and getting White back gave the fans nothing more than a sugar high. There's a place for them on the team, but we need more hands that can score and shoot, not fight.

As to the PP, I also agree that the single biggest problem was the changeover of our defense. I like Diaz and Emelin but back in October they were nowhere near ready to have all that responsibility dumped on them, and their inexperience killed us. Muller would've been a scapegoat for our mess of a roster had he stayed.

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