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04-02-2012, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by FlashyG View Post
Maybe I misunderstood you here, but are you saying Holmstrom doesn't take abuse or get penalized for his net front play?

If so, I have to disagree completely.

If anyone understands EXACTLY what you guys are frustrated with its Wings fans, only in the rarest of circumstances does a penalty get called for the abuse Homer takes in front of the net. Its so bad that he wears extra padding on his back and shoulders to protect from defenders stickwork.

Hornqvist plays a similar game and is likely to face a lot of the same treatment, just wait until goals start getting called back because the opposing goalie complains, or when he gets a penalty for interference for being thrown onto a goalie by a defender.

Holmstrom likely has had more goalie interference penalties and been responsible for more called back goals than anyone in the history of the game.

This is one thing that both the Wings and Predators have in common.
Holmstrom definitely takes a bunch of abuse. These two players are very similar in style, but I think (but do not know for sure) Hornqvist runs his mouth A LOT more. That doesn't help him one bit.

We also have experience with incredibly stupid no-goal calls. Not long ago against Edmonton a good goal was waved off because Dubnyk made contact with Hornqvist, who was outside of the crease. Dubs came out to be aggressive with Hornqvist, bumps into him, and the ref immediately waved off the goal that Dubs was too busy pretending to be Tim Thomas to notice.

Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
some pushing, shoving and facewashing is definitely warranted. But when you've got three opponents cross-shecking, elbowing and kneeing Hornqvist when he's on the ice... that's what needs to be addressed. And I do not understand how the one time Gaustad tries to stand up for him, Goose is the one (and only one) who gets a penalty????

I agree completely. The scrums I can live with. Face washes are part of hockey, and everyone dishes them out. When a player has been knocked to the ice, and is then literally dragged by his jersey across the ice by two players there should be a call. When violent cross checks from behind send a player into the boards there should be a call. Roughing should be called when blatant punches to the head are being dished out, yet even something as cut and dry as that is hit or miss.

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