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04-02-2012, 08:44 PM
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Over on the Pens boards, they've filled up like 15 pages just today about how the Flyers and Flyers fans are big cry-babies. Oh the irony...they're crying about us being cry-babies. Meanwhile they have hands down the biggest whiner in the league sitting on their bench.

However I will say that Lavy's reaction was odd and mildly embarrassing while at the same time exciting and hilarious. So many emotions about that incident. I almost think he was mad at himself for putting one of his smaller forwards out for the faceoff and thus putting him in harm's way. And his frustration at himself turned into outrage at the Pens. I really don't know why he put Briere out there especially seeing how chippy the game was getting. The game was in the bag, just defend the zone and leave with the 2 pts. For a guy that read the game so well all night, he really screwed the pooch at the end.

I'd have been happier to just see us end the game and then Lavy starts next weekend with our "goons" which seems to be the buzz word between both Flyers and Pens fans.

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