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04-02-2012, 11:28 PM
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Originally Posted by t3hg00se View Post
Doesn't fight anybody worth a damn?

His fight history is riddled with good fighters

Using his size and reach to his advantage is part of being a great fighter, I don't see why you don't get that.

Lucic fights more, and is more of a fighter, yeah. But if Lucic and Chara went at it I'd have a hard time imagining Lucic winning.
That isn't riddled with good fighters that he won. The only ones that stand out are Chris Simon, Laraque, Brashear, Chris Neil, Barnaby, Rupp, and Shelly.

The only guy of those that he won flat was Rupp. I'll give him that. But other than that he didn't beat any of those guys(pretty much all draws or hug fests). The rest of the dudes on that list pretty much aren't much in terms of fighting. Unless your counting Hal Gill, he is a terrible fighter.

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