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Originally Posted by flack View Post seems Mark Specter also thinks you have a case if your concussion is diagnosed in the following situation:

The player finishes the game then is reported to have a concussion.

Lets hope no concussion specialist purposely falsify a diagnosis.
Mark Specter is being absolutely ridiculous.

There is a reason it's called *post* concussion syndrome. Symptoms of a concussion often don't arise until hours or days after the hit to the head was sustained. A player may finish a game, without realizing they've been concussed, and then wake up with symptoms days later. To suggest anything is being falsified is a disservice to the health of the player. (Although sending a player out to skate who has been hit in hard in the head is also a disservice).

Maybe if you want to continue on suggesting (not claiming) that there is a possibility the Canucks are falsifying the diagnosis, you should look between the lines. If the purpose was to obtain a stricter punishment for Keith, they did so by saying Daniel was out indefinitely (not a lie), and by not commenting on the severity of the concussion (which is really up to how the player feels).

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//Suffered a minor concussion last year, thought I was fine for 4-5 days after, then felt downright rotten for a couple months.

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