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Originally Posted by Hokkien View Post
If the purpose was to obtain a stricter punishment for Keith, they did so by saying Daniel was out indefinitely (not a lie), and by not commenting on the severity of the concussion (which is really up to how the player feels).
Exactly what I am saying. I just read the concussion protocol. The players write down exactly what they are feeling during the diagnosis. So any chance Daniel might have written off himself a bit more serious than he might have felt? Not impossible. And Frankly he might have just done it so he could contribute the maximal amount of punishment to Keith. I am not suggesting they are faking concussions. I am saying it is possible to exaggerate a bit based on the way concussions are diagnosed. This is the point the sports analysts (not just Mark Spector) are making about the unsureness of diagnosis and saying they should improve on the NHL concussion protocols. But I got ripped badly by Wetcoaster before for even suggesting that so I better not say it anymore.

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