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04-03-2012, 06:13 AM
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Also, just like there are many motor city transplants here, there are chicagoans. lots of hockey fans. we "complain" about the PREDwings fans who are with us for all but the 3 times the winged-wheels show up - that'd be my niece in that group. they been showing their colors since day 1. hawks fans were embarrassed to be hawks fans, so the PREDAhawks weren't showing their colors until last couple years when they put a respectable team on the ice.

So, weekend game - Nashvillians don't gobble up all the weekend tix at the beginning of the season, Smashville is a great town to visit and has cheap hockey tix - easy for out-of-town fans to buy early for a visit. So, in the case of Det or Chic, with so many folks grew up from childhood rooting for them already here it makes it look a little rough in the crowd sometimes.

and slamming the season tix holders - if you do, you best be one yourself or you got no place to complain. personally, I can't very often (and frankly don't want to) go down for 3 games in a week. but I have a niece and a kid to give my tix too, and my niece doesn't get my wings tix cause I'm not gonna' contribute to more red in the seats! :-) Point is, we have a ticket base that is heavily individuals and more than the dollars spent to buy the tix, 41 dates plus POs is an awful lotta' nights downtown, especially when they come in bunches like 6 over 13 days. I mean, there are a few other things I'd like to do with my entertainment time and they can't all be done in the off-season. :-)

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