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04-03-2012, 07:55 AM
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Had my first tournament in a year this past weekend, and not having played ice in several years I was kinda exhausted after we had our 3rd game in 18 hrs (including one that wrapped up at 2:30am earlier that morning).

Last half of the period, we're down 8-3, and our left wing comes off after the opposing team had scored. I had come off the shift prior, still somewhat winded from taking an extended shift, so I'm not expecting to go out right away. Bench is yelling LW, and I'm still thinking "Yeah, just came off". After a few seconds, I realize our left wing isn't going back out so I skate out and skate to where I think I should be lining up.....except that I lineup on the opponent's left wing. A few seconds go by, everybody is looking at me, and finally the guy whose spot I'm lined up in, taps me on the shins and says "mind if I have my spot?" Both benches are laughing, linemates are laughing, and at this point I'm laughing along. I drifted back across the line, leaned over and told him "We're down by 5 with half a period left. We've got bigger problems besides where I'm lining up."

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