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04-03-2012, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
That screaming sound you hear way off in the distance? Me screaming and pulling my hair out as I bang my head against my desk repeatedly.

Yeah I get the "winning culture" thing. Yeah I get how important it is, but this bunch of losers waits until NOW to finally remember how to play Yeo's system? They wait until NOW to start playing with heart and toughness? Yeo says it's something special to stick around and keep playing after being eliminated. I say at least half of the players are playing this good because finally the pressure to produce is finally off and this garbage time feels like vacation time. Bunch of lazy slackers. And the other half is only playing this good because they know it's their job on the line.

I have never hated a team as much as I hate the 2011-2012 Minnesota Wild. I have never felt this bitter or resentful as a hockey fan in all my life. If we pick 10th I am not going to forgive this team unless we come out of the gate next year and FLOOR the whole god damned league and I just know that next year were gonna be juuuuuuuust good enough to either squeak into 8th on one of the last days of the season or fall just short by a point or two.

Motivational sayings and platitudes are all well and good, but screw them, I want a PICK. Fourth is still a realistic possibility. I hope the Predators destroy us, the Hawks come back looking for revenge and crush us in a way that completely ignites real rivalry between our two clubs, and I hope the Coyotes come in on Saturday utterly desperate and annihilate us.

Remember that GDT I did where I said when I am really, really mad I stop swearing entirely? Take a guess at how mad I am at this team.
How many times does it need to be explained that, even if we win out the season, it's unlikely we'll pick 10th? The only realistic way we could pick 10th is if we finish 9th and someone 10th-13th wins the lottery.

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