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04-03-2012, 09:19 AM
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I based off the amount of teams from league rankings.
I took it off 2 years ago when the proposed idea for the Euro Champions league was announced.

The IIHF should rank each European nation. The NHL and KHL should have 3 teams each. So none of the final 4 would be an entire league.

Thats 6, and then 10 more teams should be included. Sweden, Finland, Czech, Swiss, Germany, Slovakia are the top 7 counties behind the KHL. Split the rankings into Tier classes, so the 2nd 3rd and 4th ranked Euro leagues are allowed 2 teams each. The 5 6 and 7 ranked teams are allowed 1 each. That makes now for 15 total teams.

I would think 16 total teams would be enough for the first league. Short and simple. So that leaves room for one more. The Continental Cup is the #1 tournament right now in Europe until the Euro Championship is developed. So I think the team that wins that should make that final spot.

16 teams now, create a bracket of 4 regions. 3 NHL teams should host each region. The final region could be another N. American city or a Russian city.

The NHL should send over 2 American teams, 2 Canadian teams. All other leagues should be dependent on sending over their championship or best team.

The NHL could send over any 4 but the final game should be like in a neutral site either toronto or Montreal I prefer Toronto cuz its a bigger market of all media in Canada and still a hockey mecca

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