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04-03-2012, 09:48 AM
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Honestly, all the *****ing about the team winning guys need to look at the **** you're spewing. "Where was this team in December? Where was it in January?"

"This team" didn't exist in those months. If you stopped for 2 seconds to think about what you're saying it before just spouting off incoherently, you'd realize that. Take a look at one of those games.

Dec 22 - 4-1 Loss to Edmonton

Originally Posted by GDT

The Butcher - Cullen - Heater
Clutter - Brodz - Johnson
Palmer - Peters - Fmr. Golden Gopher Jeff Taffe
Ortmeyer - POWE!!! - Stubby

Schultz - Zids
Falk - Stoner
Scandella - The Spurge

Let's put that in today's team terms:

Not on team - Not on team - Heater
Clutter - Brodz - Johnson
Not on team - Not on team - Not on team
Ortmeyer - Powe - Not on team

Not on team - Not on team
Falk - Stoner
Scandella - Not on team


That means that 8 of the 20 guys playing that night aren't on the team right now. Where was this team in December? Well, Koivu was hurt, Zucker was in Denver, Christensen was playing for NYR, Gilbert was there that night...for the opponent, Veilleux and Foster were in New Jersey, and Almond and Prosser were in Houston.

Imagine that, a team with a 40% different roster played differently!

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