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Originally Posted by sparkle twin View Post
So you know the numbers for a fact, but it's a stretch to think anyone else might also?

I don't need to try to get tickets somewhere else, I'm happy with my season tickets where they have been since day one, but thanks.

If the Thursday Hawk game you went to was this season then that would not have compared to what was in the arena on either Saturday night games. I am not lying when I say that the first time they came down in Jan. there were more Hawk fans than Preds. And this game was almost the same. And in the lower bowl, the sheer number of them down there were more than we have STH's down there, it doesn't take "facts" to see that. If all the hawks fans were in STH seats (plus combined with the ones that did go to the game - of which there were a lot), we would have a waiting list for season tickets.

The way you describe downtown for the Detroit game, is how it was for Chicago on Saturday. Coming down the elevator at the parking garage, I watched as Hawk fans poured out of the Renaissance. At the bar before the game, Hawk fans. At other places, they were 3 deep of Hawk fans. The lower bowl where Chicago attacks twice was red.

I'm not saying that no one sold their tickets, I'm just saying that you can't blame STH's for so many CHI fans being at the game. It's not a stretch to say that Chicago fans actually went out and bought their own tickets. I don't know what else to say because apparently you aren't going to believe what I say but, this was NOT just season ticket holders selling their tickets.
Like i said yes i do know the season ticket holder numbers in the lower bowl and it is not 30% like you are trying to paint it. I ALSO SAID THE LOWER BOWL MIDDLE AREAS.

I also did not blame the season ticket holders for ALL of the hawks or wings fans in the seats. Because i am smart enough to know that is not the case and is why i did not say that in the first place like you are trying to paint it. A lot of these arguments being flagged by moderators is caused because people are only reading what they want to and painting distorted pictures of what is said. Kind of like i get in a hurry and my grammer and spelling is not always the

The fact is the Smashville should never look like Chicago or Detroit at a home game. It is unacceptable and embarrassing. I am sure the team does not appreciate looking up and it feeling like an away game. If no one cares because it means butts are in the seats and money is being made than i do not know what to say to you. Oh well atleast we are making the playoffs. No wonder players have a tough time wanting to come here.

I would love to see the outrage if Nashville fans outnumbered Blues or Hawks fans in STL or CHI.

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