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11-18-2003, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Raider Zero
keep it friendly people. lets just go back to talking about orpik again.
Brooks Orpik doesnt find anything wrong with anything. Hes got a full time NHL job now. He just tries to have a good grasp on reality and knows he could be sent down again if he doesnt continue his solid play.

What makes him think he does? He does his best everday to be a little more modest and hopes not to get hurt. He cant allow his ego to get to big for a guy whos teams quality of play is so low.

Yeah his team stinks but he got over it already.

Brooks Orpik doesnt always let his teammates handle their own disagreements. And he wont change his opinion if you throw some 4 letter word his direction..he is more than capable of defending himself. He sees the need to jump into disagreements especially between Mario and others.

Hes not your "bro" so perhaps he will punch you in the face if you come over the boards talking BS.

No his real bro isnt a crybaby and Stefan Bergkvist was the last defenseman the Pens took in the 1st round before Orpik, he ended up def in one ear but he wasnt Orpiks bro either.

I'd say Bergkvist could have made it but I am not going to make big ego comments here like I know what could have been.
-I dont want to be overrating.
-I dont want to be negative.
-No I see things the way they are. With my 20/20 hindsight.

I'd say all we have here is opinions. Somebody saying that all the others are wrong because he "likes to think (he) has a good grasp on reality" is not being modest enough IMO.

Sorry guess I got off topic lets keep it friendly people. lets just go back to talking about Orpik again.

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