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04-03-2012, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by MW View Post
Hedman went at Ladd, Ladd drops gloves, holds up when Hedman doesn't drop gloves and lets him go. Hedman then goes and gets involved again. Ladd angry, grabs Hedman again. Ladd jabs Hedman, Hedman jabs Ladd, Ladd throws real punch.

It's not a sucker punch. Hedman is just an idiot with apparently no concept of what is going to happen when you keep aggravating a guy. If Ladd was really looking to sucker the guy, he'd have murdered him when he initially was all ready to go and Hedman was standing there like an idiot with his gloves still on trying to talk it out.
It looks more like its ladd that doesnt want to go. Hedman starts shaking his hands showing his ready to drop em and Ladd shakes his head. Then when Hedman is tied up Ladd start fighting.

and before ppl start with the "homer" argument. Im a jets fan.

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